FHFA Q2 2018



FHFA Quarterly HPI-2Q18 highlighted

Click on the link to check out how strong the real estate market is in your hometown and which states top the list in price appreciation.. I love where I live!


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The Windermere Report August 2018

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The Q2 Gardner Report

According to Windermere’s Chief Economist, Matthew Gardner, Las Vegas home values in 2019 will most likely continue to rise due to employment growth, a decreasing unemployment rate, and low inventory. Call me if you have any questions about what your home could be worth in this growing market!

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Apartment Market Report

Did you know: the average rent for apartments in Las Vegas increased year over year by 6.45%? Now would be a good time to consider buying instead of renting. If you or anyone you know wants to discuss some options, give me a call.

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Clark County School District 2018-2019 Calendar

The CCSD calendar is here! It’s time to start planning your trips for the 2018- 2019 school year. Enjoy.

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Windermere Report July 2018

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My Top 4 Surprising Design Trends of 2018


So, what are the top designers around the country predicting for 2018’s design trends? Well, fair warning, some of these may shock you! Here are some design trends that may have you scratching your head, and others reaching for your wallets!

#1 – Out with the brass and in with the… ROSE GOLD?

According to designers, this a reference to the Jazz Age and the elegance of Art Deco. It seems brass and gold finishes are being nudged out by a new intrigue of rose gold and copper. It is said, by adding just a touch, a room can be given a new warmth and glamour of eras past.

#2 – Good bye white kitchens, hello… COLOR?

Some us have been dreaming about that kitchen remodel with all the gorgeous white cabinetry and subway tile. Others, or the lucky ones, may have already gotten their wish. But it seems the trend picking up pace is leaving the “white” in the dust and splashing kitchens with a bolder, invigorating choice of color. Everything from bold neutrals in charcoal or gray, to shocking pops of blues. The good news is, that a white kitchen can easily stay on trend with adding a pop of color to an accent wall.

#3 – So long clean lines, we’re getting… CURVES?

This may be the most difficult trend for some of us to swallow. As we all know…ahem, a few friends who run around the house making sure all rugs and furniture run in a perpendicular fashion. You know who you are, so be prepared. Designers are seeing an influx of organic curves in all types of furniture and accents. Hard lines are being replaced with softer curves in everything from couches and armchairs, to ottomans, rugs and side pieces. Be warned, adding these pieces may send some friends over the edge.

#4Pantone Color of the Year for 2018?

When Pantone talks, designers listen. The Pantone Color Institute, known for its global forecast on color trends, has been releasing their “Color of the Year,” for over a decade. You can expect to see splashes of this year’s color in everything from the NY runway and retail clothing, to home décor and accents.  This year’s color is, drumroll please… Ultra Violet #18-3838!
When it comes to design, we all know the sky is the limit! And what would be the fun in design if there weren’t some shockingly good trends to talk about? Some of these we may just have to agree to disagree!

I would love to hear what you think and what else you are seeing in designer trends! Please comment and let me know!

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